O.R.K. – SCREAMNASIUM (KScope Records)

Due for release on 21 October 2022 on Kscope, the expansive and emotive, Screamnasium is O.R.k’s most essential album to date. Spontaneous yet intricately crafted, and perhaps the most concise statement of the band's sonic aims yet. With this, the highly anticipated follow up to 2019's acclaimed Ramagehead, the quartet known as O.R.k has formed..

Leash Eye – Busy Nights, Hazy Days

Polish rockers Leash Eye's new album "Busy Nights, Hazy Days" is now available for order through their website: https://leasheye.pl/produkt/busy-nights-hazy-days/ The band has also just released their new music video "...Of The Night", see below, it's well up to scratch! These guys have recently celebrated their 25th anniversary show in Warsaw, and this selection underlines their strong song-writing and..