The Marigold – Apostate (Coffin & Bolt Records)

The Marigold is a self-appointed sludgy post rock band which, to me, means de-tuned and distorted doom rock that is very heavy on bass and crunching power chords. The Marigold hails from Italy and was formed in Italy in 1998 by multi-instrumentalist Marco Campitelli and has seen a number of changes in personnel with the..

BEASTWOOD release their new EP ‘The Long Road To Ho’ on 7th May via Coffin & Bolt Records

After unleashing their latest single Electric Gangbang in February, BEASTWOOD will release their EP The Long Road To Ho on 7th May via Coffin & Bolt Records / Golden Robot Records. It will be available on all digital platforms. Music that should be played during every Patrick Swayze bar-fight ever" just might be the most accurate description one could ever come up with to describe a..