Coyle Girelli – Museum Day (Honey Lemon Records)

The common thread through these ten songs is Girelli’s ability to write those melodies or hook lines that get under your skin. He’s no need for bombastic orchestration or big solos; the music is strong enough in itself and it’ll have you coming back again and again. Coyle Girelli has written songs for global acts..

Coyle Girelli – Funland (Honey Lemon Records)

Coyle Girelli is an English multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and record producer having previously been the singer with Your Vegas and The Chevin. His base of operations for the last decade has been Manhattan so is really living the life and he finally released his first solo album Love Kills in 2018. This led to great..

COYLE GIRELLI : ‘From 7th Street With Love’ – second single from forthcoming solo album by New York based English singer-songwriter

'From 7th Street With Love' is the second single to be lifted from 'Funland', the forthcoming new solo album by New York City based English singer-songwriter Coyle Girelli. In contrast to its uptempo guitar-driven predecessor, 'Fun', it is a gorgeous and atmospheric piano-based paean to his adopted home, of which he states: "I wrote it during..