Vector Seven – Dark Metropolis (Darkhan Music)

The PR blurb for Vector Seven’s latest opus entitled Dark Metropolis, due out on 21 October, tells us that it's "an innovative cross between cyberpunk and synthwave, a trailblazing pulsating album, that takes you on a ride through the metropolis driven by corrupted syndicates, cybernetic street gangers, and infinite hive wars. It is infinitely dark,..

DJ Hyper of Cyberpunk fame puts his stamp on Tallah’s ‘Overconfidence’

DJ HYPER OF CYBERPUNK FAME PUTS HIS OWN STAMP ON TALLAH'S PSYCHOTIC NU-CORE ANTHEM 'OVERCONFIDENCE'  NEW ALBUM MATRIPHAGY OUT NOW VIA EARACHE RECORDS Overconfidence DJ Hyper RemixWATCH ON YOUTUBELISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD Overconfidence - Official Music VideoWatch on YouTube | Read LyricsTallah - Matriphagy Order now from Earache | Download Artwork DJ H ******************** WHAT THE MEDIA SAYS ABOUT TALLAH "Nu Metal is..