DAEDRIC releases ‘Mortal Deluxe’, out now on FiXT

If you thought Daedric's release of Mortal was complete back in August of 2023, strap in. The ride is about to get a rocky. Daedric has released their Mortal Deluxe and it's now available across all DSPs from FiXT.  "Mortal Deluxe is the final quest. An immense experience the listener deserves and a rousing conclusion to my debut installment" says..

DAEDRIC releases cover of ‘115’ , out now on FiXT

Daedric has released a savage Industrial Metalcore cover of Elena Siegman's 115 in honour of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare's most recent release. Thrashing Industrial guitars clash with fast paced heavy rhythms round out a savage cast inspired by the original 115. Equally merciless in her delivery, Daedric manages to capture both the brutal and the ethereal showcasing..

THE ANIX and DAEDRIC release ‘Spit You Out’ remix, out now on FiXT

Experience the powerful reimagining of The Anix's Spit You Out through the transformative lens of Daedric's remix.  With a dynamic blend of electronic and rock elements, this rendition takes the original's emotive essence to new heights as it conveys a compelling narrative, exploring the intensity of human connection. Combining the raw power of  Daedric's vocals both surreal..

Daedric – Mortal (FiXT)

With the debut single Wretched being released in 2021 and singles Only and Dawnbreaker arriving in 2022, Daedric has managed to amass quite a following with tens of thousands of YouTube views, more than 100k social media followers and becoming a mainstay on Spotify's Discover Weekly. There has been a steady buzz feed of the..

DAEDRIC releases new single ‘Nirn’, out now, new album ‘Mortal’ is out on 25th August on FiXT

Effervescent. Effortless. Ethereal. Daedric's Nirn is the next sonic offering to materialize ahead of their upcoming album Mortal. The track is a fast paced ominous soundscape featuring a dual vocal performance from frontwoman Kristyn Hope as she balances between surreal and brutal. Synthesizers and heavy guitars round out this latest single from Daedric as they..

DAEDRIC releases stunning new single & video ‘Dawnbreaker’, out now on FiXT

Texas-based industrial metal group Daedric releases their anticipated third single Dawnbreaker with an alluring official music video overlaid with a vocal performance that dashes between brutal and ethereal, industrial guitars, pulsing electronics, and heavy rhythm. Dawnbreaker pushes the boundaries into even heavier territory for the band and is another triumphant chapter in the Daedric saga.  "During production, we basically said..