Davey Dodds announces ‘The Rite Of Spring’

Davey Dodds: Photo: StudioStead Photographic At the beginning of March 2020, Davey Dodds released his second, come-back solo album, Toadstool Soup. The reviews were full of praise and enthusiasm – with a full-on schedule of gigs and festivals, Davey was looking forward to decent sales. Davey was on tour with Pendragon in Europe when things..

Davey Dodds – Toadstool Soup (Coalshed Music)

In another life, on another planet, Davey Dodds used to be the front man of the prog-rock band Red Jasper. His individual style of song-writing gave the band a unique character. They were signed to the Dutch record label S I Music but when that folded in 1994, Davey quietly drifted away from the music..