Aeonian Sorrow – Katara (self-released)

Aeonian Sorrow is a doom metal band formed in 2015 by Greek and Finnish musicians. Their very first single Forever Misery was released in 2017, the title rather setting the scene for their signature style, and paving the way for their first full-length release Into The Eternity A Moment, this hitting the decks in 2018. It has..

Pyramido – Fem (Freight Train Records, Re-release)

Fem could easily be described as one of the heaviest albums ever released! Think of funk dragging its feet. Or Arnold Schwarzenegger's lunchbox. With Pyramido you won't get the usual hackneyed "congregating-at-a-sacrificial-altar- doing-bonghits-with-satan-while-worshipping-riffs-and-watching-vintage-biker-flicks" patter that is commonly hinted at when describing this kind of music. What you will get though is honest, soulful, yet aggressive and..

Sorcerer – Reign Of The Reaper (Metal Blade Records)

If you‘ve been thinking the only common thing between Sweden and epic doom metal was Candlemass, then you have been wrong for at least since 2015, when Sorcerer’s official full-length debut was released. Being from the same school of melodic, epic doom with great expressive vocals, Sorcerer released their first two demos in 1989 and..

Blood Lightning – Blood Lightning (Ripple Music)

Formed in December 2020, Blood Lightning brings together the talents of vocalist Jim Healey (We’re All Gonna Die), guitarist Doug Sherman (GOZU), bassist Bob Maloney (Worshipper) and drummer J.R. Roach (Sam Black Church). Their style is heavily influenced by early Sabbath, with equal doses of classic Eighties heavy metal and some southern rock added over...


When I see the “doom metal” tag, it’s always frustrating to find out it’s not exactly the definition of doom I expect. Often, what’s coming out of the speakers is fuzz, stoner, psychedelic, noise, death etc. Of course, perceptions of a genre are more or less subjective and doom has its own myriad of sub-genres,..


Last November, doom titans Candlemass returned with Sweet Evil Sun, which is not only among the best releases in the genre this year, but happens to be the second consecutive (and third overall) album with original vocalist Johan Längquist. Was it a difficult task to follow the Grammy-nominated The Door To Doom? We called Long-time..

Candlemass release ‘Green Valley Live’ lockdown show

PEACEVILLE TO RELEASE CANDLEMASS GREEN VALLEY (LIVE) ON 7TH MAY 2021THE SWEDISH DOOM METAL GODS PERFORM THEIR CLASSIC TRACKS DURING LOCKDOWN. INCLUDES 'WELL OF SOULS', 'BEWITCHED' & MORE  After over 35 years of existence, Candlemass still stand tall as true heavy metal greats & kings of doom, in the footsteps of their influences, Black Sabbath. The band is..