Avatarium – An Evening With Avatarium

There aren’t many rock bands around today that can put on a show this good. The first thing that struck me about this album was the title. Quite a few albums are entitled “An Evening With [artist name]” but typical examples are “An Evening With John Denver” or “An Evening With Diana Ross” which tend..

Northern Crown – In A Pallid Shadow

The first three tracks are faultless metal classics. They represent an amazing leap forward by the band. This band tags itself as ‘Epic Doom Metal’ but if you are not keen on doom metal then PLEASE do keep reading! This Florida-based band’s 2018 eponymously titled second album introduced keyboards, softening their Candlemass-influenced roots, and that..

Witnesses – Doom II

Have you ever wondered what Brian Eno would sound like if he wrote a doom album? I know that’s an odd question but believe me it didn’t come totally out of the blue! Witnesses is the project of New Yorker multi-instrumentalist Greg Schwan (ex-keyboard player of doom merchants While Heaven Wept). Like many, he likes..

Tyrant – Hereafter (Shadow Kingdom Records)

Here is another example of an old school cult band resurrected and coming back with a new studio album 24 years after their latest one. There are at least a dozen bands with the name Tyrant, so we have to specify what we are talking about is the Californian Tyrant which have been practicing the..

Paradise Lost – Obsidian (Nuclear Blast)

Being one of the originators of the gothic metal genre as well as one of the big three of British doom (along with Anathema and My Dying Bride) has always meant that a new album by Paradise Lost is a big event in metal. The band, as we painfully remember, has gone through some strange..

Ciminero – Subterranean Awakening

Ciminero show that doom can be modern, interesting and doesn’t have to be just about crunching guitars and gut-wrenching misery. Ciminero is a brand new four-piece doom band based in Helsinki, with guitars, bass and drums played by Finnish natives and female vocals from Italian Valentina Vigato. Valentina may have had a strong say in..


Chicago’s own purveyors of death/doom Novembers Doom will darken our days once again on November 1st with their eleventh album Nephilim Grove. The 9-song release will come out through Prophecy Productions and, as usual, is topped with another beautiful cover artwork. The band, led by only original member – frontman Paul Kuhr, is premiering an..