Eclipse – Viva La VicTOURIA (Frontiers Music)

Eclipse is another of those mighty fine melodic bands from Sweden having formed in 1999 but with a sound and style that dates back to the heady days of the '80s when hair metal and AOR stood shoulder to shoulder as they swept all before them. Times have changed very much since then but there..

ECLIPSE – ‘Viva La VicTOURia’ – first ever live album by Swedish hard rock act out 6 November 2020 on Frontiers

Swedish hard rock act Eclipse have announced their first ever official live release, Viva La VicTOURia, which was recorded at the Trädgårn venue in Gothenburg, Sweden on 21st December 2019 during a tour in support of their tremendously successful current studio album, Paradigm. "We've talked about properly documenting a live show for ages. Well, if..