PROCOL HARUM – Something Magic (Esoteric)

Ah, here we get onto one of those albums which has accrued a reputation as one of those 'unloved stepchild' albums, through a mixture of material, circumstances and timing. And sometimes, as in the case of ELP's Love Beach, the cover art! In that regard this, the final Procol album before their initial split in..

Anthony Phillips – Missing Links I – IV (Esoteric)

There's been something of a renaissance these last several years with regard to the music of Anthony Phillips, and fans have been suitably spoiled as a result - especially those with an affinity for boxed sets. Esoteric Recordings have seen to that with their extensive reissue campaign, resurrecting titles from across Ant's vast catalogue, giving..

SAMURAI – Samurai (Esoteric)

In which the diligent miners at Esoteric Records unearth yet another nugget from the rich 1970s seam which only the more dedicated of '70s prog devotees are likely to be familiar with. In this case, it was blink-and-you'd-miss-them, as Samurai released this sole album in 1971 before folding almost immediately. There was more to them,..

Be Bop Deluxe – Axe Victim 2CD Edition (Esoteric)

If there ever was an album on which Bill Nelson allowed himself the luxury of being an ‘axe hero’, this would be the one. The latest installment of Esoteric Records' reissuing of the Be Bop Deluxe catalogue in deluxe editions (or should that be 'deluxe Deluxe editions) backtracks a little and alights upon the band's..

BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST – Barclay James Harvest And Other Short Stories Deluxe Edition (Esoteric)

When Barclay James Harvest came to record this, their third album, in 1971, they were under some significant pressure, it must be said. Their previous album, the breakthrough Once Again, had featured two lengthy tracks among its number, including their evergreen and immediately popular Mockingbird. As always when following up a significant success, there was..