Becko – You Are (Not) Alone (FiXT)

Not a name I know or a genre I had even heard of before but Becko is the Italian producer, musician and singer Marco Calanca and considered to be one of the leading artists in the genre of trap metal/anime core. It seems that this category covers a somewhat overwhelming style of rock being a..

DAEDRIC releases stunning new single & video ‘Dawnbreaker’, out now on FiXT

Texas-based industrial metal group Daedric releases their anticipated third single Dawnbreaker with an alluring official music video overlaid with a vocal performance that dashes between brutal and ethereal, industrial guitars, pulsing electronics, and heavy rhythm. Dawnbreaker pushes the boundaries into even heavier territory for the band and is another triumphant chapter in the Daedric saga.  "During production, we basically said..

FiXT Noir EDM Compilation (FiXT)

FiXT is an independent artist owned record and publishing company which was founded in 2006 and has been growing ever since and features a real wealth of talent and covers all forms of rock, metal, synth-wave, indie-pop and EDM. This latest download release features a massive 35-tracks of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) with a running..

The Anix – Revenge (Fixit)

The Anix is an electro-rock project that is the brainchild of the Los Angeles based musician, composer and producer Brandon Smith. The route taken to market by Brandon Smith seems to be the reverse of most projects. Smith formed the band in 2001 and initially brought in his brother Logan and Chris Dinger with them..

Seething Akira – Dysfunctional Wonderland (FiXT)

I first came across Seething Akira with the debut release of Sleepy Skeletor when they were a new and unsigned band but were already creating a big buzz with their intense energy levels and supercharged gigs. They were a band very much a work in progress but everything seemed to be just about in the..