YOUNG MEDICINE release new album ‘Cold Blooded’, out now on FiXT

Metal. Synthwave. Haunting. The X-Files. Young Medicine's latest album Cold Blooded runs an epic gauntlet of genres. Cold Blooded is out now across all platforms. The album kicks off with a track inspired by the X-Files series, UFO Party before pivoting to a light hearted yet epic I'm Going To Hit Rock Bottom, You Guys Want Anything? Delivering everything from..

IZZY REIGNS signs with FiXT, re-releases single ‘Broken By Design’, out now

FiXT is proud to announce the signing of alt-cyber-pop-metal artist Izzy Reign. To celebrate FiXT is re-releasing the metalcore industrial single Broken By Design.  Bold. Eclectic. Rebellious. Izzy Reign thrives on originality and thinking outside the box. Her music is nothing short of a reflection of this. Her father was an avid drummer and she grew up singing to Alanis Morisette, Jewel,..

DAEDRIC releases ‘Mortal Deluxe’, out now on FiXT

If you thought Daedric's release of Mortal was complete back in August of 2023, strap in. The ride is about to get a rocky. Daedric has released their Mortal Deluxe and it's now available across all DSPs from FiXT.  "Mortal Deluxe is the final quest. An immense experience the listener deserves and a rousing conclusion to my debut installment" says..

Raizer – Run (FiXT)

Raizer is a three-piece modern post-punk, alt-rock band with a distinct industrial electro back beat and hail from somewhere in Eastern Europe but the country remains unspecified which may be an attempt to create an air of mystery and, if so, it certainly does give them something of a cool look. They have released two..

Andromida – Lost Voices EP (FiXT)

Andromida is the progressive metalcore project for the rather remarkable musician Ramon Gutierrez and is story is one that makes you truly appreciate the power of the human spirit as he was designated legally blind when very young but this did not stop or curtail his musical ambitions. These began when he taught himself to..

DEATH X DESTINY release new single ‘Eternal’ (What Do You See?), out now on FiXT

DEATH X DESTINY returns with fierce second single Eternal (what do you see?) with an ethereal official music video to match. With a soulful start Moon's vocals are captivating seamlessly moving into fierce guitars, peppered with hard hitting rhythms, and Jonny McBee's heavy vocals. The release captures elements of Electronic-Rock/Metal, Industrial, fusing the genres with synthesizers..

DAEDRIC releases cover of ‘115’ , out now on FiXT

Daedric has released a savage Industrial Metalcore cover of Elena Siegman's 115 in honour of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare's most recent release. Thrashing Industrial guitars clash with fast paced heavy rhythms round out a savage cast inspired by the original 115. Equally merciless in her delivery, Daedric manages to capture both the brutal and the ethereal showcasing..

THE ANIX and DAEDRIC release ‘Spit You Out’ remix, out now on FiXT

Experience the powerful reimagining of The Anix's Spit You Out through the transformative lens of Daedric's remix.  With a dynamic blend of electronic and rock elements, this rendition takes the original's emotive essence to new heights as it conveys a compelling narrative, exploring the intensity of human connection. Combining the raw power of  Daedric's vocals both surreal..