LEBROCK releases new single ‘See Me’, out now via FiXT

LeBrock returns with their signature brand of retro-flavored rock with new single See Me, the second track from LeBrock's next album. See Me is an atmospheric ballad with an impassioned vocal performance from LeBrock coupled with defiant lyrics, and nostalgic guitar chords fused with bass and shimmering synth melodies that wind through an energetic anthem giving it their signature..

FIGHT THE FADE release new single ‘Stratosphere’, new album Apophysitis is out on 22nd July on FiXT

Continuing the campaign towards their upcoming album APOPHYSITIS, five-piece midwest rockers Fight The Fade have released their next single Stratosphere. The single is an upbeat and fun alternative metal track featuring the band's signature vocals, heavy guitars, and driving rhythms. Taking a step away from the normally serious lyrics and showcasing a more light-hearted side to the band,..

THE ANIX announces re-release of ‘Demotion City’ on 15th July on FiXT., single ‘This Game’ out now

Electronic-rock artist and producer The Anix is rereleasing his 2008 remastered Electronic Rock album Demolition City. The album includes notable singles such as This Game [2008] the first of the remastered re-release of his 2008 album Demolition City from independent record label FiXT. "This Game is an electronic rock single fusing synthesizers, upbeat rhythms, heavy guitars,..

SEETHING AKIRA release their emotive new single ‘Lost At Sea’, out now on FiXT

Seething Akira takes on a more introspective tone with their new hard-hitting metalcore single Lost At Sea. The second chapter within their upcoming third album Nozomi, Lost At Sea features thought-provoking lyrics, soaring guitar solo sections, steady rhythms, and fuses synths with a dominating vocal performance for a single that puts hope above all else, questioning the..

Circle Of Dust – Circle Of Dust Remixed (Fixt)

Not my usual listening choice by any means but Circle Of Dust is an industrial project from New York created by the artist Klayton who also may be known to some of you for his activities with Cellerdweller. There were 5-albums under the Circle Of Dust name with the project running from 1988 to 1998..

Becko – You Are (Not) Alone (FiXT)

Not a name I know or a genre I had even heard of before but Becko is the Italian producer, musician and singer Marco Calanca and considered to be one of the leading artists in the genre of trap metal/anime core. It seems that this category covers a somewhat overwhelming style of rock being a..

DAEDRIC releases stunning new single & video ‘Dawnbreaker’, out now on FiXT

Texas-based industrial metal group Daedric releases their anticipated third single Dawnbreaker with an alluring official music video overlaid with a vocal performance that dashes between brutal and ethereal, industrial guitars, pulsing electronics, and heavy rhythm. Dawnbreaker pushes the boundaries into even heavier territory for the band and is another triumphant chapter in the Daedric saga.  "During production, we basically said..

FiXT Noir EDM Compilation (FiXT)

FiXT is an independent artist owned record and publishing company which was founded in 2006 and has been growing ever since and features a real wealth of talent and covers all forms of rock, metal, synth-wave, indie-pop and EDM. This latest download release features a massive 35-tracks of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) with a running..