Flight Attendant – – ‘Honeysweet’ : new single by Nashville indie outfit out now | from self-titled debut album out Now

The Nashville-based indie outfit Flight Attendant have released a brand new single today entitled Honeysweet, an anthemic song with a dreamy introduction that opens out into a euphoric and memorable chorus. Lead singer and keyboardist Karalyne Winegarner explains that its lyric "is about taking the bitter taste out of life, by being there for your friends to..

FLIGHT ATTENDANT – ‘Crybaby’: new single by Nashville indie outfit out 29 July 2022 | from debut album out at end of September

Flight Attendant is an eclectic indie-pop/rock group from Nashville. Blending guitar pop with viola, piano, synth and electrifying vocals, they were described by Louder Than War in a recent review as "a blend of alternative and heavy rock, glam, grunge and pop, often with anthemic overtones, together with a mix of both sensuous and uplifting vocals..

FLIGHT ATTENDANT – ‘In The Pines’ : Nashville indie outfit cover traditional American classic – New Single OUT NOW Via Moraine Music Group / Membran

Music fans young and old will recognise In The Pines, an American classic that began as a traditional folk song and later became well-known thanks to the version by blues musician Lead Belly. Those who don't immediately hear the tune in their head upon reading its name probably will once they know that some bands..

FLIGHT ATTENDANT – ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ : Nashville-based indie outfit cover Steppenwolf rock radio classic, out now via Moraine Music Group / Membran

Photo: FLIGHT ATTENDANT by Tim Cofield The new single by Nashville based indie outfit Flight Attendant is a cover of the '70s US rock radio classic Magic Carpet Ride, originally by Steppenwolf. The musically eclectic group have put their own unique spin on the song with laidback guitars and viola melodies, plus a chorus that..

FLIGHT ATTENDANT – ‘Paradise’ : new single by Nashville-based eclectic indie band out now via Moraine Music Group/Membran

FLIGHT ATTENDANT photograph by Christopher Cruz  Flight Attendant are a Nashville based indie band who were making a name for themselves as a live proposition locally before Covid-19 shuttered venues. Paradise is the group's second single of 2021, the video for the track can be seen below and the song is available on streaming services...