Semblant – Vermilion Eclipse (Frontiers Music)

The quite brilliant Brazilian melodic death metal band Semblant now returns with album number four and, usually, this is a genre that is not for me but I found the last album, Obscura, to be a work of real genius. The group was formed in 2006 in Curitiba by singer Sergio Mazul and keyboard player J...

Poison Rose – Little Bang THeory (Frontiers Music)

Poison Rose is another new project put together by the Frontiers label for the Italian vocalist Marco Sivio, a name of which you are probably unaware but he has been building a solid reputation at the label as an in-house singer and songwriter. He has been involved on writing duties for some of the labels..

TEMPLE BALLS : ‘Strike Like A Cobra’ – new single and video by Finnish hard rockers out Now via Frontiers

Finnish hard rockers Temple Balls have released a brand new single today entitled Strike Like A Cobra. The song was recorded during the band's ongoing sessions for their next studio album, which they are currently working on with producer Jona Tee (H.E.A.T, New Horizon, Crowne). Tee also produced Pyromide, their well received 2021 album that..

Ronnie Atkins – Make It Count (Frontiers Music)

It is only a year since the Pretty Maids vocalist released his first, stunning solo album with the wonderful One Shot and he has now rapidly followed it up with another perfectly crafted melodic, hard rock record that will surely delight his legions of fans. The Danish band Pretty Maids may have flown under the..

FM – Thirteen (Frontiers Music)

I would imagine that it is doubtful that there is anyone out there who is not aware of the great British melodic rock institution that is FM? For those not in the know then FM is one of the few British melodic rock bands that can stand comfortably alongside the American giants of the genre..