Iron Lizards’ debut album “Hungry for Action” out now!

On Friday, Parisian power-trio Iron Lizards released their debut album "Hungry for Action". High octane garage rock with no fuss. Described as "seriously energetic and noisy stuff that would make most metal bands blush" by UKs Vive Le Rock. Iron Lizards are a power-trio from Paris, France. The band was formed in 2015 by Elio..

The Hawkins – Aftermath (The Sign Records)

Sweden’s high-flying garage rock outfit The Hawkins are set to release a new mini-album in autumn 2021. Following the release of 2020's Silence is a Bomb and its affiliated live-album Live in the Woods, The Hawkins decided to make something different. The result is Aftermath - a conceptual mini-album, dealing with the destructive aftermath of..

Liar Thief Bandit – Deadlights (The Sign Records)

We all need an energy-booster from time to time. Coffee, Red Bull, whatever works for you that gives that extra kick. For many, Garage rock is the cure for any kind of tiredness, and Scandanavian bands seem particularly prominent in that genre. The latest addition to a very healthy stable is Liar Thief Bandit, a power trio seemingly born to play live with the sole purpose of having fun. Whether you badge it Garage-Rock, Power-Pop, Pub-Rock or whatever, this is top-tier no-frills energetic..

Dune Sea – Moons of Uranus (All Good Clean Records)

Dune Sea started out as a 2012 solo project for Ole Nogva, a Trondheim-based guitarist/keys player, vocalist and all-round sonic warrior, described then on Facebook as "a true Norwegian post-ironic space stoner". Later in 2017, drummer Erik Bråten joined him for the first Dune Sea recording, the All Quiet Under The Suns EP. This enjoyed..