Seven Spires – Gods Of Debauchery (Frontiers Music)

Hailing from Boston in the US, Seven Spires is a female fronted metal band which came together in 2013 when they all met at The Berklee College Of Music and embarked on a metal path that very much takes the darker and heavier route. In effect, they are a band that takes in progressive, symphonic,..

SEVEN SPIRES : ‘Gods Of Debauchery’ – new album by acclaimed US metal quartet fronted by Adrienne Cowan out 10 September, 2021 via Frontiers

Fronted by the multi-faceted voice of singer Adrienne Cowan, acclaimed US metal quartet Seven Spires return with their third and most ambitious album to date, Gods Of Debauchery, which is set for release on 10th September via Frontiers Music Srl. Seven Spires specialise in melancholic tales and tenebrous grandeur. Part apocalyptic yet melodic and anthemic..