Various Artists – Rock For Myanmar (Golden Robot Records)

We can only applaud Golden Robot Records for releasing this very fine compilation of new and established talent to help raise awareness of the plight of the people of Myanmar, officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar but more probably remembered as Burma in the UK and it is the largest country in Southeast Asia. The people have..

Cousin Betty – Overs EP (Golden Robot Records)

Cousin Betty is an indie rock band from Sydney in Australia and we recently covered the bands Left EP which showed a talented garage rock band with plenty of fuzz and distortion about their sound. The brainchild of Damian Stofka, we now have the next instalment which sees another four short songs with a retro..

STONETRIP release their video for single ‘Nightmare’, new self-titled EP set for release on 10th December, out on Golden Robot Records

Melbourne hard rockers STONETRIP, produce a groove laden modern rock sound mixed with classic rock sensibilities. The band are known for their explosive live show, complete with arena-ready sounds and are well on their way to reinvigorating the local rock scene and making a huge dent globally. Having recently released two blistering arena rock influenced singles Runaway and Nightmare (via Golden Robot Records)..

MC Roads – No Nostalgia (Golden Robot Records)

MC Roads is the new rock vehicle for guitarist Mike Cross out of Detroit, Michigan and you may already know of him as one of the founding members of the American rock band Sponge. He left the group after three albums due to the usual 'creative differences' and had a short period of time out..