STONETRIP release new single ‘Runaway’ on 3rd May, out on Golden Robot Records

Melbourne Hard Rockers STONETRIP recently signed to powerhouse label Golden Robot Records and will release their new single Runaway on the 3rd of May through all digital music platforms. STONETRIP produce a groove-laden modern rock sound mixed with classic rock sensibilities. The band have an arena-ready sound and are set to reinvigorate the local rock scene. Runaway. The single describes the most compelling..

SMASHED GLADYS release new single ‘Bump In The Night’ out today, out via Golden Robot Records

Born from the embers of the vibrant Toronto punk scene, SMASHED GLADYS formed in 1984 and then headed to New York City. SMASHED GLADYS were headed by vocalist Sally Cato and were snapped up by Elektra Records, becoming part of the legendary glam / hair metal scene.  Cato sadly passed away in 2020 and Golden Robot Records wants to honour her by bringing you new..

Cicadastone – Cold Chamber (Golden Robot Records)

Cicadastone is a Melbourne based alternative rock band that was formed in 2013 by the brothers Mat and Mark Robins with their debut, Chance Collide, being released in 2016. Cold Chamber is now the band's crucial second album release so it has been 5-years in the making and will be eagerly anticipated by those who..

The Mercy Kills – New Rule (Golden Robot Records)

The Mercy Kills is a fast and furious garage/punk/sleaze rock band from Melbourne, Australia with a number of interesting, high energy rock albums behind them. Velvet Thunder recently reviewed their X EP which was a sort of 'best of' with seven tracks remastered from their five albums to date from the last ten years and..

Iboga Gazebo – Dose Age (Golden Robot Records)

The rather curiously titled Iboga Gazebo is a new band put together by a team of diverse yet eclectic musicians in Los Angeles as recently as September 2019 so is a truly new and fresh outfit. The musicians are well known old stagers when it comes to performing and they appear to have immediately clicked..

Naipia- release new single ‘Bluestown’ on 15th January 2021, out via Golden Robot Records.

Hailing from Brighton and Hove in the UK, Naipia combine indie, rock and pop genres, leaving audiences with addictive hooks and melodies etched into their minds. Naipia have created a lot of noise in the UK and beyond with their recently released singles Lonely and Tightropes. Now they are set to release their next single Bluestown via Golden Robot Records on the 25th January 2021 and it might..