DIM GRAY : ‘Flown – 2xLP and CD formats of debut album by highly touted Norwegian trio out now

Oslo-based art rock trio Dim Gray play melody-driven songs in a post-progressive vein, incorporating elements from folk music into a forward-thinking aesthetic that results in a hauntingly evocative sound. A wide and sophisticated palette of sounds and ideas is rooted in yearning vocals and subtly reverb-ed guitars. The group's debut album, Flown, was released digitally..

Dim Gray – Flown (Grim Day Records)

Flown is the debut release by Dim Gray a rather unique and vitally intense post-rock/prog band from Oslo in Norway. If this was 1974 then they would fall neatly into the art rock grouping alongside Roxy Music and would no doubt be collaborating on some new and exciting project with Bowie or Eno. However, it..