Demon – Invincible (Frontiers Music)

It is an interesting phenomenon how perceptions change and are influenced a lot when put in context. British hard rock veterans Demon are a very good example. On the one hand, you have the band name, the music on their first two albums and the album artwork and lyrics, which put them firmly in the..

Twisted Rose – Cherry Tales (7Hard Records)

Who are Twisted Rose, I hear you thinking....They are a rock quartet from Giebelstadt in Germany, who have previously done a fair bit of "tribute" work, heavily influenced by AC/DC and Guns N' Roses, and are looking to progress in the rock world with their own compositions. They've been rocking international stages since 2018 and..

Nattsvermer – Nattsvermer (self-released)

Nattsvermer is a Norwegian band with a vision to explore the uncharted realms of alternative metal. With a dynamic line-up comprising André Tornes on guitar and vocals, Kent Robin Kjærstad on guitar, Runar Haukalid Jensen on drums, and Amalie Trædal on bass, Nattsvermer crafts a captivating musical experience. Drawing inspiration from various genres and bands..

La Chinga – Primal Forces (Ripple Music)

Based in Vancouver, Canada, La Chinga is an 11-years-old band, which is gearing up to release its third full length Primal Forces in three weeks. Their sound lies somewhere in-between Led Zeppelin and Guns N’ Roses, with a pinch of Motörhead here and there (see Backs To The Wall). Don’t let the great artwork mislead..

Electus release new hard rock single “All The Way”

Electus are a hard rock band fronted by founding member Russell Peake. All The Way is the first single off their upcoming fourth album "Episode IV" - recorded at the legendary Rockfield studios in Monmouthshire, Wales and mixed at Magic Garden Studios. Introducing "All the Way" by the electrifying hard rock band Electus. We're thrilled to..


These guys need no introduction, do they? Entering their 54th year of existence, Uriah Heep have been the most consistent band out of their contemporaries and what is more important, have persevered through hard and harder times for classic hard rock to enter 2023 more confident than ever. There is something of an anomaly that..

Leash Eye – Busy Nights, Hazy Days

Polish rockers Leash Eye's new album "Busy Nights, Hazy Days" is now available for order through their website: The band has also just released their new music video "...Of The Night", see below, it's well up to scratch! These guys have recently celebrated their 25th anniversary show in Warsaw, and this selection underlines their strong song-writing and..