Category 7 – Category 7 (Metal Blade Records)

Now that’s an interesting line-up. The term supergroup is often overexposed, but when you have members of Adrenaline Mob, Exodus, Overkill and Vio-Lence on board, with the inimitable voice of John Bush towering over all, it’s more than justified. Category 7 is the brainchild of guitarist Mike Orlando, who teamed up with Phil Demmel and..

Accept – Humanoid (Napalm Records)

This year proves to be a celebration of classic bands releasing some really strong material. We already have the excellent new albums by Magnum, Saxon and Judas Priest and now the new Accept is also only three weeks away. The seventeenth album of the German legends is called Humanoid and it comes out three years..

Project Arcadia – Of Sins And Other Tales (PA Music)

Centered around guitar wizard and main composer Plamen Uzunov, Project Arcadia has been releasing some classy progressive power metal since its inception in 2007. You can’t call them prolific, because Of Since And Other Tales is only their third full-length release since, but what cannot be denied is that quality steps up in spades in..

Acerus – The Caliginous Serenade (Nameless Grave Records)

Acerus is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Daniel Corchado, whom you may also know as the leader of death metal veterans The Chasm. While the latter has been raising eyebrows with their highly unique brand of epic, atmospheric, technical death metal since 1992, Acerus is a totally different beast. We are talking about heavy-power metal of..

Solitary Sabred release new album Temple of the Serpent

The Cypriot heavy metal warlords return with another killer concept album titled Temple of the Serpent, which chronicles a journey to the lands of demonic djinns and undead sorcerers, and where Solitary Sabred explore the fall of the Akkad Empire over ten blistering tracks of furious epic metal.  Line-up:Petros "Asgardlord" Leptos – VocalsDemetris "Spartacus" Demetriou..

Diviner – Avaton (Rock Of Angels Records)

Diviner is a Greek heavy-power-progressive metal band, centered around the frontman Yiannis Papanikolaou (ex-InnerWish), who is the only original member left since the band was formed 12 years ago. Diviner’s third full length Avaton comes out four years after the excellent Realms Of Time and it is somewhat a surprise that the band line-up is..

Kerrigan – Bloodmoon (High Roller Records)

Kerrigan (meaning “black” in Irish) is a new, trad-metal band, formed in Freiburg in 2019 by Bruno S. (guitars, bass) and Jonas W. (vocals, guitars), both of whom are also in the funeral doom band Lone Wanderer. After a demo, they inked a deal with High Roller records for the release of their first full-length..