Szabotage – Six Pack

Szabotage was born when long-time Canadian friends - located in Hawaii, Vancouver and Ottawa - came together online to have a crack at "recording a couple of songs" as a way to battle the lockdown demons created during the COVID pandemic. While the creative process has always been therapeutic for all members of Szbotage, this..

Mountain Caller – Chronicle:Prologue EP

Hot on the heels of their debut full length album, Mountain Caller return with a new EP, Chronicle: Prologue, the follow up - but conceptual prequel - to their full-length debut album Chronicle I: The Truthseeker. That album was released earlier this year to wide acclaim, as well as a passionate response from an already..

Sinoptik – The Calling

Despite everything, this has been a Very Good last twelve months for being constantly surprised and wowed by new music, new bands of every description and genre. Whatever your taste, I bet you've unearthed something very tasty and new to help you Keep The Faith! The latest new arrivals to massively impress me are these..