Herman Frank – Two For A Lie (AFM Records)

There are some bands that like to experiment and push the boundaries of music to the extremes and this can be as challenging as it is rewarding for their fans and then there are the bands that have hit on a style and format that works just so perfectly that you do not need to..

HERMAN FRANK releases video for new single ‘Venom’, out now via AFM Records, new album ‘Two For A Lie’ due out 21st May

May 21st will see Herman Frank, iconic guitarist of bands such as ACCEPT and VICTORY, release his fifth solo- album, entitled Two For A Lie, through powerhouse label AFM Records. Frank has been an integral part of the German metal scene since the early 80s. Starting with ACCEPT to VICTORY to his solo project, which was launched in 2009, the Hanoverian has proved..