Hex A.D. – Delightful Sharp Edges (Apollon Records)

Delightful Sharp Edges is an intoxicating mix of irresistible riffs and epic progressive landscapes. The scale and ambition of the concept is truly remarkable. It feels as if the Norwegian band Hex A.D. have been on an upward trajectory since 2018 when they recorded their third album (and their first on the Fresh Tea label),..

Hex A.D. – Funeral Tango For Gods & Men (Fresh Tea)

Will there be a better heavy rock album than this in 2021? I very much doubt it. Following on from last year’s excellent Astro Tongue In The Electric Garden, Norwegian psychedelic/doom/prog rockers are now back with an equally tongue-twisting title - one that is probably utterly meaningless but combines wonderfully with the (probably utterly meaningless)..