Cap Outrun – High On Deception

Well, this is going to be an album that makes people sit up and take notice. The band was initially formed in Sweden (where else these days?) way back in 2007 by guitarist Andrée Theander and keyboard player Erik Gafvelin Wiss when they met at university and together they produced a 30-minute EP called Influence..

CAP OUTRUN : ‘High On Deception’ – debut full length album by resurrected Swedish rock band out 10 December 2021 via Frontiers

Frontiers Music Srl is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of the debut full-length album by Swedish rock band Cap Outrun. High On Deception is a distinctive record filled with playful odd time signatures and interesting harmonies, yet never loses its core of strong melodies and an exceptional groove. Out on 10th December, an opening salvo..