Mi von Ahn – everything is until it’s not (self-released EP)

Mi von Ahn comes from Sweden, and specialises in weaving emotive dream indie rock with verve and ambience. A kind of warming melancholy, set against a dynamic and ever changing soundscape, where desolate expanses seamlessly intermingle with lush inland forests. Her self-produced cabin pop exudes echoes of Bon Iver's ethereal soundscapes. According to Clash Magazine,..

Bring The Hoax – Single Coil Candy (Lövely Records)

Single Coil Candy is the debut full-length album by Swedish alt-rock band Bring the Hoax. Set for release on the 12th of May via Lövely Records, the album contains the four tracks from Bring the Hoax's self titled EP from 2022 (previously only released digitally) plus six new, until now unreleased songs. The album title refers..