The Black Cheetahs – Slow Doomed Fever (Wave Records)

Imagine Siouxsie Sue on one of her very darkest days, accompanied not by an edgy New Wave band but by a sort of Goth /Industrial backing, slow fuzzy electronica and riffs under-pinned by pounding, almost tribal, programmed drums - and you have The Black Cheetahs! The Black Cheetahs in disconcertingly cheerful mode! Slow Doomed Fever..

Napalm Death’s Shane Embury releases ‘Vincit qui Se Vincit’, a surprise new Dark Sky Burial album

"Vincit qui Se Vincit" is the 3rd album from Dark Sky Burial, the new musical venture from Napalm Death's Shane Embury. Out now as a surprise release the album's title roughly translates as, "To conquer is to conquer oneself". The dark ambient soundscapes and unsettling industrial noise textures, with disorientating, electronic moments were composed by..