Belgian Industrial-Rock band Modder release debut album

Belgium's Modder started out as a passion project between guitarist, songwriter and producer Mathlovsky and his longtime companion Gregory Simons on drums. In November 2020 they released their massive first single ‘Mudslinger’, which is an impressive 21 minute long riff-fest referencing artists like Sleep and Mastodon. Following the release of ‘Mudslinger’ bass player Maurice van..

LLNN announce new album “Unmaker” released 24th September on Pelagic Records

Unmaker, the 3rd album by Copenhagen's LLNN, set for release on 24th September (Pelagic Records) is a stupefyingly unforgiving affair: abrasive and vile, at times effervescent and escharotic, and finally absolutely smothering, suffocating, terminal. Today they have shared first single 'Interloper' described by vocalist and guitarist Christian Bonnesen as "a song about feeling worthless. Forever doomed..