IO Earth – Sanctuary

IO Earth have delivered the goods once again. It’s been a while since I’ve heard such an intelligent and complex prog rock album that is so abounding in creativity, and so emotionally intense. Progressive music is more than half a century old so it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of prog-by-numbers groups around that..

DAVE CURETON – State Of Mind

[In Puppets Dream] at just after the five minute mark, when the guitar solo comes in, you should check whether you are playing air guitar. If not, you may require medical attention. Or already be deceased. Dave Cureton. You know that name, right? Well, if not, you certainly should. Dave is, of course, a founding..

IO EARTH – Acoustic Vol. 1

This isn't so much about showing a completely new side of the band, it is more a case of lifting a side of their identity out from its unassuming support role and giving it the chance to have its turn in the spotlight. And it turns out that they are very, very good at it...

IO Earth – Aura

IO Earth have once again managed to produce a powerful and emotionally moving album that will be a strong candidate for the best progressive album of the year How to describe the music of IO Earth? Many bands like to say that their music can’t be pigeon-holed but that phrase definitely rings true for the..

IO EARTH NEW ALBUM – Details and Teaser…

BIRMINGHAM PROGGERS IO EARTH ARE PREPARING TO RELEASE THEIR NEW ALBUM AURA In a departure from their usual writing style, IO Earth’s Dave Cureton and Adam Gough have created a new album that is still progressive, still genre defying, but is more focused on the exploration and development of melody than ever before. Dave: We usually..