Wizrd – Seasons (Karisma Records)

It's nice to see such an ambitious debut album full of music that is complex and demands concentration. Norway is fast becoming the go-to place to find interesting and innovative prog bands. From Wobbler through to Arabs in Aspic, there seems to be a conveyor belt of Norwegian groups that are inspired by the prog..

Kosmodome – Kosmodome (Karisma Records)

Kosmodome demonstrate straight out of the block to be mature and accomplished songwriters and musicians. Norway has always been considered a small fish in the musical world, overshadowed even in Scandinavia by its heavyweight neighbour Sweden, but there is a strong and flourishing prog scene at present ranging all the way from the heavier end..

Himmellegeme – Variola Vera (Karisma Records)

So much for the difficult sophomore album, this is a classic! What a wonderful find this one is. This is a band from Bergen that has been rather casually labelled psychedelic but that would be a potentially misleading definition. Yes, there are echoes here of the psychedelic revival of recent years, but this is mixed..