We Are Sovereign – The Interview

In what seem to be ever stranger and darker times, We Are Sovereign are a band with a simple mission: To reach out to people, asking them to believe in themselves as human beings, to find your resilience, stay focussed to whatever your dream might be, not to quit but to support each and every..

FULC – Embrace.Destroy (Re-release on Stunted Records)

This album was originally released by melodic heavy rockers FULC in 2005, to a considerable raft of critical acclaim. It's recently been re-released as part of a broader "revisiting exercise" by Stunted Records. Embrace.Destroy was FULC's second album, following hot on the heels of their much lauded debut Biting Insomnia, released in 2003. Sadly, shortly..

Servant Leader – Raised By Wolves Pt2

Servant Leader is a solo project belonging to Leigh Oates, critically acclaimed vocalist with Xilla, Order Of Voices, Soldierfield, Rise To Addiction and Ninedenine. Just over a year ago, Leigh released Raised By Wolves - Part 1, which garnered some great reviews and ended up in several "Top 5" lists for 2020, much to Leigh's..

InME – Jumpstart Hope (Killing Moon Records)

Gosh, where to start, because this is a very long way from the beginning! InME are an Essex-based band who have been around for a surprisingly long time – their debut album Overgrown Eden was released in 2003 and reached #1 in the UK Rock Album Charts. Six successful studio albums later, and having toured..