FULC – Embrace.Destroy (Re-release on Stunted Records)

This album was originally released by melodic heavy rockers FULC in 2005, to a considerable raft of critical acclaim. It's recently been re-released as part of a broader "revisiting exercise" by Stunted Records. Embrace.Destroy was FULC's second album, following hot on the heels of their much lauded debut Biting Insomnia, released in 2003. Sadly, shortly..

Servant Leader – Raised By Wolves Pt2

Servant Leader is a solo project belonging to Leigh Oates, critically acclaimed vocalist with Xilla, Order Of Voices, Soldierfield, Rise To Addiction and Ninedenine. Just over a year ago, Leigh released Raised By Wolves - Part 1, which garnered some great reviews and ended up in several "Top 5" lists for 2020, much to Leigh's..

InME – Jumpstart Hope (Killing Moon Records)

Gosh, where to start, because this is a very long way from the beginning! InME are an Essex-based band who have been around for a surprisingly long time – their debut album Overgrown Eden was released in 2003 and reached #1 in the UK Rock Album Charts. Six successful studio albums later, and having toured..