Black Pistol Fire – Look Alive (Black Hill Records)

It's not so often that you get albums by duos with just the two musicians represented and not a guest musician in sight but that is what we have here with this pairing of vocalist/guitarist Kevin McKeown and drummer/bass and synth player Eric Owen. Both are originally from Toronto in Canada but are now long time..

BLACK PISTOL FIRE – ‘Look Alive’ : new album by explosive garage punk/blues infused rock duo out 29 January 2021 on Black Hill Records

Black Pistol Fire is the Austin, Texas based duo of vocalist/guitarist Kevin McKeown and drummer/bass synth player Eric Owen. Originally from Toronto, they have spent almost a decade building a dedicated fanbase and refining their singular two-man approach, outfitting their explosive, impassioned rock 'n' roll with a soundscape that has become more expansive, ethereal and cinematic..