Washing Machina – The Spontaneous Splendid (Lövely Records)

Swedish Indie band Washing Machina are extremely excited to be finally releasing their highly-anticipated debut album The Spontaneous Splendid due out on Lövely Records in March 2024. Right from the start, I have to say that this is an impressive song-set, showcasing the band's distinctive blend of pop, indie and alt-rock, and featuring a diverse..

Statues – Black Arcs Rising (Lövely Records)

90's Alternative Rock was never anything else then great pop-songs filtered through screaming guitars. The Swedish based power trio Statues can be filed under your typical Scandi-rock band, centred on simple, impulsive, eccentric, and just fun, high energy rock! They could be that third band that played somewhere in the Mid-West US together with Hüsker..

Bring The Hoax – Bring The Hoax EP (Lövely Records)

Bring The Hoax is a rowdy, yet polished and entertainingly FUN entry in the annals of indie rock, despite what (in my humble opinion) is one of the worst album covers ever! The band is a fourpiece outfit hailing from Stockholm, Sweden consisting of Karl Nordahl (guitar and vocals), Hasse Karlsson (guitars and vocals), Sara..

Pershagen – Hilma (Lovely Records)

Pershagen are a Swedish quartet that has just signed to Lövely Records, and released their third studio album Hilma at the end of April. They have a signature sound that is defined by strong cinematic songs, where colourful instrumental rock mixes psychedelic rock with indie, grunge and alternative rock - they were once described by..

Nightwatchers to release second album “Common Crusades”

Nightwatchers are set to release a new album in autumn 2021. "Common Crusades” is the second full-length from the French punk band, and the musical and lyrical continuity of their 2019 thematic debut  "La paix ou le sable”. Political lyrics dealing with the conflicts rooted in France’s colonial era clash with melodic, subversive, and gloomy..