WHAT’S SO SPECIAL ABOUT STRINGS, ANYWAY? - An observation, incorporating Marillion – With Friend’s at St Davids I’m ambivalent about live albums. I’m *really* ambivalent about “orchestral rock” albums And Marillion are genuinely something of a conundrum. Which if nothing else, stops rabid Marillion fans (who will by now already have the album anyway), from..

Mark Kelly’s Marathon (earMUSIC)

Kelly's first foray away from the Marillion mothership is a somewhat breezier affair. Incredibly, it's already been a dozen years since the short, moody piece Liquidity (on Marillion's Happiness Is The Road vol. I) begged the question: what could Mark Kelly do on his own, and why hasn't he done that yet? He's contributed playing..

MARILLION: AFRAID OF SUNLIGHT Deluxe Edition coming soon

When released in June 1995, Marillion earned critical acclaim with Afraid of Sunlight – the band’s eighth studio album and final release on EMI. The album peaked at #16 in the U.K. and introduced fans to the Top 30 hit, “Beautiful.” Parlophone will revisit this neo-progressive classic on 1st November with two versions of AFRAID..