Category 7 – Category 7 (Metal Blade Records)

Now that’s an interesting line-up. The term supergroup is often overexposed, but when you have members of Adrenaline Mob, Exodus, Overkill and Vio-Lence on board, with the inimitable voice of John Bush towering over all, it’s more than justified. Category 7 is the brainchild of guitarist Mike Orlando, who teamed up with Phil Demmel and..

Kvaen – The Formless Fires (Metal Blade Records)

Sweden has always been prolific on the melodic black and death metal front, and Kvaen is another example of the talent this country has to offer in extreme metal. Jacob Björnfot, the creative mastermind behind the band(named after the folk who populated the area in the Viking era), has already released two solid albums in 2020..

Hellbutcher – Hellbutcher (Metal Blade Records)

Look at that cover and tell me you don’t know already this will contain some kind of total metal old school madness. Well, you’d be damn right. Hellbutcher is the brand new band, formed by (and named after) the frontman of now inactive Swedish black/thrash legends Nifelheim. The other musicians helping with writing and recording..

Vulture – Sentinels (Metal Blade Records)

One of the flagmen of the new wave of European speed metal (I just came up with the term), Dortmund’s Vulture will release their fourth full length album Sentinels on April 12th, almost three years after their last one. The band’s line-up has been solid since 2017 and the press release states a lot of..

Sorcerer – Reign Of The Reaper (Metal Blade Records)

If you‘ve been thinking the only common thing between Sweden and epic doom metal was Candlemass, then you have been wrong for at least since 2015, when Sorcerer’s official full-length debut was released. Being from the same school of melodic, epic doom with great expressive vocals, Sorcerer released their first two demos in 1989 and..

AMON AMARTH Announce New Album ‘The Great Heathen Army’ OUT AUGUST 5TH, 2022 VIA METAL BLADE RECORDS; Drop New Track/Video “Get In The Ring”

Undisputed kings of Viking heavy metal, Amon Amarth, have announced their twelfth studio album, The Great Heathen Army today. The 9-track aural assault will be released on Friday, August 5th, 2022 via Metal Blade Records. Pre-orders are available now with the first 1000 orders via the band's European Victorious Merch store receiving a free signed poster. Today's announcement is highlighted by the release..

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE to release Live At The Palladium on June 3rd, BAND SHARES ‘KNOW YOUR ENEMY’

On August 6, 2021, three-time Grammy-nominated hard rock heavyweights and platinum-selling band Killswitch Engage unleashed a streaming event that took fans by storm. The event took place at The Palladium in Worcester in the band's native Massachusetts, which has been the site of many iconic KsE shows throughout the band's history. The performance setlist consists of 2019's Atonement in full, along with..

Sanhedrin – Lights On (Metal Blade Records)

Brooklyn’s Sanhedrin (the meaning of which you can read about here) are one of the best old school sounding heavy metal bands since their inception in 2015. Their first two full lengths A Funeral For The World (independently released in 2017) and The Poisoner (2019, Cruz Del Sur Music) gradually raised the band’s popularity and..