FLESH FIELD : ‘Voice Of The Echo Chamber’ – first album in two decades by resurrected US electro-industrial act out now digitally, 17 November on CD

Flesh Field is a US electro-industrial act originally formed in 1996 by Ian Ross in Columbus, Ohio. Their debut album, Viral Extinction, was released three years later, earning glowing reviews for its brutal and aggressive sound, while some of its songs were subsequently remixed by several contemporaries (including scene leaders Covenant) and issued together with..

MORLOCKS : ‘Praise The Iconoclast’ – stunning second album by Swedish industrial rock trio out 06.10.23 on Metropolis Records | includes ‘Dicks In Tanks’ single

Morlocks create a bastard hybrid of heavy, guitar-based industrial rock, retrofuturism and epic symphonics. Praise The Iconoclast sees the Swedish trio take its sound to the next level, adding guest vocal appearances from Sascha Konietzko of KMFDM, dark ambient electro queen Karin My and black metal maestro Heljarmadr of Grá/Dark Funeral. Photo: Krichan Wihlborg Morlocks..

ELECTRIC SIX : ‘Turquoise’ – brand new album by US disco-punk act ahead of 20th Anniversary UK Tour for hit debut album (Metropolis Records)

Electric Six. The most reliable act in show business, there was simply no question that each year would bring another Electric Six record. Mayans based their calendar on it. Migrating birds used the new Electric Six record as a homing device. Small time criminals got four to seven E6 albums with time off for wonderful..

DELERIUM – ‘Signs’ | new album by Canadian electronic duo out NOW + video for song ‘In The Deep (feat. KANGA)’

 Photo: by Bobby Talamine. Over the course of 35 years, the Canadian duo of Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber have explored electronic music terrain as Delerium that saw a series of early albums experiment with filmic, dark ambient instrumental sounds, before they evolved into an outfit with a penchant for inviting their favourite female singers..

PARADOX OBSCUR : ‘Monoclone’ – new video for track from acclaimed 2022 album by Greek synth duo

Paradox Obscur are the Athens, Greece-based synth duo of Kriistal Ann and Toxic Razor, who have built a devoted global following over the course of five studio albums since debuting in 2014. Having signed to Metropolis Records to issue the Singles & Rarities collection in 2021, their current studio album Morphogenesis followed in mid-2022. Displaying..

ELECTRIC SIX – US disco-punk act return to the UK for ‘Born To Be Ridiculed’ tour commencing 20th November

Photo: Mark Wright They're back. Again. Electric Six, the Detroit based 'disco-punk band at the end of the world', arrive in the UK next week for their annual autumn tour bonanza, with frontman Dick Valentine stating of this latest visit:     "They say the only constant...is change. But, 'they' are wrong....because Electric Six has been up on..

KMFDM – Hyëna (Metropolis Records)

So, we have just seen the release of the new PIG album and now we have the latest record from the legendary German industrial giants KMFDM. KMFDM was founded in 1984 by Sascha Konietzko and he remains the only founding member with the original version of the band featuring drummer En Esch and singer Raymond Watts with..

Pig – The Merciless Light (Metropolis Records)

Raymond Watts aka PIG is a major innovator in the world of industrial rock with a career all the way back to the mid-'80s being a one-man recording outfit calling in regular guests and collaborators to bring his far-reaching concepts to life. He was also a member of KMFDM, toured with the likes of Nine..