Katatonia – Mnemosynean (Peaceville Records)

An extensive collection of rarities and B-sides marking 30 years of the band, Katatonia are set to release Mnemosynean on 1st October 2021 through Peaceville Records. The term relates to the goddess of memory in Greek mythology (and derives from the same source as the word mnemonic) so it's entirely apt! In fact tomb inscriptions..

Katatonia to release ‘Mnemosynean’ on 1st October / Peaceville Records

Katatonia are set to release Mnemosyneanon 1st October 2021 through Peaceville Records.   This new release marks 30 years since their formation and contains an extensive collection of all of Katatonia's rarities and B-sides, including tracks from the band's numerous EPs, unheard album songs, limited special edition bonuses, cover songs, as well as a series of collaborative remixes. The journey..