Nordic Union – Animalistic (Frontiers Music)

There is a little bit of a clue in the name as to the origin of this superior hard rock band which was formed as a project in 2015 by the Swedish songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Erik Martensson of Eclipse and W.E.T. fame and the unique and much revered vocalist Ronnie Atkins of Danish hard rock..

NORDIC UNION : ‘Animalistic’ – third album by Scandinavian hard rock alliance of Eclipse and Pretty Maids frontmen | out 05 August 2022 via Frontiers

Nordic Union is an ongoing musical collaboration between legendary Danish rock singer Ronnie Atkins (Pretty Maids) and prolific Swedish songwriter and producer Erik Martensson (Eclipse, W.E.T.). They will release their third album, Animalistic, on 5th August, with a first single and video from it entitled In Every Waking Hour available now. As previously documented, Atkins..