There are so many retro-metal and NWOTHM bands these days and yet, very few of them are capable of capturing the true essence of the early days of the genre, meaning late 70s – early 80s. Amethyst, coming from Switzerland, is one such band, unashamedly performing the music they love, BUT with the spirit and..


Munition is a new classic metal band from Chicago and Visions, their debut full-length, has been released by the band at the end of last month. All of the members (except for vocalist Syl Smith) have previously been in the already defunct Shocker, which managed to release an EP and a full length 6 years..

Grim Justice – Justice in the Night (Self-released)

Grim Justice have been rocking hard and heavy since 2010. Inspired by the good old 80's Heavy Metal and 70's Hard Rock legends, Grim Justice's songs tell about the unmerciful justice that everyone gets to know at least once in a lifetime. The talented musicians based in Vienna, Austria add a clear individual note to..

Infinity Dream – Memories (Metal Assault Records)

Infinity Dream (see the Iron Maiden reference there?) are a new band, formed by frontman and guitar player of US metallers Widow Chris Bennett. Another Widow member, John Wooten helps on bass guitar and the line-up is rounded up by Dina Altum (backing vocals and keyboards) and Marc Anthony on drums. Widow have not released..

Wolf – Shadowland (Century Media Records)

I remember these guys from the very start of their career. Back in 1999, when I received a promo of their self-titled debut from No Fashion Records, it was a big surprise to listen to a classic old school heavy meal album in times when the style was still in knock-down. Maybe nowadays it would..

Charger – Warhorse (Pirates Press Records)

Charger is a band from Oakland, California, featuring Rancid’s bass player Matt Freeman, who also handles the vocals here, Jason Willer on drums and vocals, and guitarist Andrew McGee. The band first made impression with their 2019 self-titled, 7-song EP, displaying a tasteful amalgam of influences from the punk, NWOBHM and speed metal scenes. If..

Gauntlet Rule – The Plague Court (From The Vaults)

Rogga Johansson is a legendary name in the death metal circles, appearing on numerous releases by Paganizer, Massacre, Ribspreader, Those Who Bring The Torture and at least 20 more bands, but it was a big surprise to see his name in a classic old school heavy metal one. Gauntlet Rule is exactly that, with the..