The Night Eternal – Moonlit Cross (Ván Records)

The Night Eternal is a new band from Essen, Germany, which made a great start with an excellent eponymous EP back in 2019. Now, the full-length debut Moonlit Cross is ready for release on November 5th, through Ván Records. The style of the band is epic, old school heavy metal, with a very sinister vibe..

Sinoptik – The Calling

Despite everything, this has been a Very Good last twelve months for being constantly surprised and wowed by new music, new bands of every description and genre. Whatever your taste, I bet you've unearthed something very tasty and new to help you Keep The Faith! The latest new arrivals to massively impress me are these..

Ukrainian rockers Sinoptik say “Go Big or Go Home” in latest single “Sell God’s Number”

(With thanks to the Korostyshev Boarding School in Ukraine!) Ukrainian Occult Rock Trio Sinoptik are continuing the march towards the release of a full length album, and the next mile marker on their journey is here, with new single 'Sell God's Number', and a release date of June 11th 2021 for the new studio album now announced as 'The Calling'.  The..

Occult Rock Trio Sinoptik release psychedelic new song ‘Apple Tree’.

FFO Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd - Sinoptik's new album is coming 2021, stay tuned for further announcements! *******PSYCHEDELIC, POWERFUL, AND ENLIGHTENING - UKRAINE'S SINOPTIK SPARK REVELATIONS WITH NEW MUSIC VIDEO SINGLE 'APPLE TREE'Fusing together 1970's occult rock influences with huge stadium rock production - Ukranian Power Rock Trio Sinoptik are seeking enlightenment to relieve not..

Ukrainian Occult Rock Trio Sinoptik seek enlightenment in video single ‘Black Soul Man’. [Independent]

Sinoptik's new album coming 2021 - stay tuned for further announcements. FFO: Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix WHAT THE MEDIA SAY  "This is your best bet... well-produced, & I can't help but think "Jimi Hendrix Experience", but with a 21st Century DYNAMO vibe." Dick Metcalf, Editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews "Sounds a bit like the Chemical Brothers..