Hellbutcher – Hellbutcher (Metal Blade Records)

Look at that cover and tell me you don’t know already this will contain some kind of total metal old school madness. Well, you’d be damn right. Hellbutcher is the brand new band, formed by (and named after) the frontman of now inactive Swedish black/thrash legends Nifelheim. The other musicians helping with writing and recording..

Bat – Under The Crooked Claw (Nuclear Blast)

For those unfamiliar, Bat is the speed-punk side project of Ryan Waste and Nick Poulos from Municipal Waste. Their debut full length Wings Of Chains came out in 2026, followed by the Axestasy EP three years later. Under The Crooked Claw, which will hurt your ears next Friday, is the band’s first album for Nuclear..

Riot – Mean Streets (Reigning Phoenix Music)

Riot, even if considered a legendary name nowadays, have always been more or less the underdogs of the US metal scene. The tremendous amount of bad luck and personal tragedy didn’t stop these guys from releasing some of the stone-cold classics of the Eighties with Fire Down Under, Born In America and Thundersteel being absolutely..

Accept – Humanoid (Napalm Records)

This year proves to be a celebration of classic bands releasing some really strong material. We already have the excellent new albums by Magnum, Saxon and Judas Priest and now the new Accept is also only three weeks away. The seventeenth album of the German legends is called Humanoid and it comes out three years..

Vulture – Sentinels (Metal Blade Records)

One of the flagmen of the new wave of European speed metal (I just came up with the term), Dortmund’s Vulture will release their fourth full length album Sentinels on April 12th, almost three years after their last one. The band’s line-up has been solid since 2017 and the press release states a lot of..

Attic – Return Of The Witchfinder (Ván Records)

Germany’s satanic heavy metallers Attic are here once again when we need another dose of falsetto vocals so desperately. I have given up on waiting for the infinitely delayed new King Diamond and Mercyful Fate albums, so this is a much welcome return. Attic have never been fast on putting out new material, but this..

Atrophy – Asylum (Massacre Records)

Arizona’s Atrophy are another cult thrash band from the late Eighties which vanished in the grunge haze way too soon. Their debut Socialized Hate (1988) showcased some piercing riffs, varied song structure and was a bit more thrashy than the follow-up Violent By Nature (1990), which introduced a lot more groove and even mid-tempo hardcore..

Hands Of Goro – Hands Of Goro (BSP Records)

The Bay Area-based Hands Of Goro are a new representative of the NWOTHM wave, formed in November 2016 by guitarist Tom Draper (Spirit Adrift, ex-Carcass and Angel Witch-live) and bassist/ vocalist Adrian Maestas (Slough Feg). In 2020, the two recruited drummer Avinash Mittur (Nite, Wretched Stench), completing the current lineup. As you see, these are..

Saxon – Hell, Fire And Damnation (Silver Lining Music)

Almost exactly two years after their last album, British metal legends Saxon are back with a landmark release. Hell, Fire And Damnation declares its ambition to be a special album in Saxon’s discography with not only title, but also the fantastic, aggressive artwork, which is in total contrast with the pastoral peysage of Carpe Diem...