Sadus – The Shadow Inside (Nuclear Blast)

Well, hell has frozen over and Sadus are back in action with a new album! I have honestly lost hope these death-thrash vets will release something new, but, The Shadow Inside, their first new material in 17 years, will be hitting shelves next Friday. Formed back in 1985 in Antioch, California, Sadus is a household..

Suffocation – Hymns From The Apocrypha (Nuclear Blast)

Long Island veterans Suffocation have been torturing our eardrums since 1988, and together with Immolation (from the same state and formed in the same year) are among the death metal bands that have persevered on their style and sound through all these years. Their ninth album, Hymns From The Apocrypha, however, marks a big change..

Kerrigan – Bloodmoon (High Roller Records)

Kerrigan (meaning “black” in Irish) is a new, trad-metal band, formed in Freiburg in 2019 by Bruno S. (guitars, bass) and Jonas W. (vocals, guitars), both of whom are also in the funeral doom band Lone Wanderer. After a demo, they inked a deal with High Roller records for the release of their first full-length..

U.D.O. – Touchdown (Atomic Fire Records)

Udo Dirkschneider – what an absolute legend! The name itself is a trademark and you just can’t mistake THAT voice for anybody else’s: my wife just cringed in agony when I played the album again while writing this review. The eighteenth album of the U.D.O. band is coming out less than two years after the..

Skinher – Heartstruck (Aural Music)

Greece has been a home for so many talented bands in all metal genres, that it becomes hard to follow the up and coming new albums. What caught my attention in this case was the totally old school cover artwork of Heartstruck, which happens to be the debut album of Skinher, a melodic heavy metal..

Witchtower – Voyeur (Unsilent Tombs Records)

My favorite Spanish band is here once again with a new album, Voyeur, released on March 28th, through Unsilent Tombs Records. Three years after the excellent Witches’ Domain, keeping a steady line-up, the Andalusians offer another slab of pure old school heavy metal, with a strong NWOBHM flavor. Eight new tracks in just over 40..