Witchtower – Voyeur (Unsilent Tombs Records)

My favorite Spanish band is here once again with a new album, Voyeur, released on March 28th, through Unsilent Tombs Records. Three years after the excellent Witches’ Domain, keeping a steady line-up, the Andalusians offer another slab of pure old school heavy metal, with a strong NWOBHM flavor. Eight new tracks in just over 40..


Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Blind Oath is a new band, operating under the NWOTHM tag, although there are some nuances, which we will stress at later. Their self-titled debut album was released on March 17th through Horton Records and just one glance at the cover artwork and killer band logo speaks volumes of what you should expect...


When I see the “doom metal” tag, it’s always frustrating to find out it’s not exactly the definition of doom I expect. Often, what’s coming out of the speakers is fuzz, stoner, psychedelic, noise, death etc. Of course, perceptions of a genre are more or less subjective and doom has its own myriad of sub-genres,..


There are so many retro-metal and NWOTHM bands these days and yet, very few of them are capable of capturing the true essence of the early days of the genre, meaning late 70s – early 80s. Amethyst, coming from Switzerland, is one such band, unashamedly performing the music they love, BUT with the spirit and..

Obituary – Dying Of Everything (Relapse Records)

Ah, those riffs and those vocals – unmistakable! The kings of groove Obituary are back once again with a hammer of a new album! The appropriately titled Dying Of Everything, their 11th full-length release, comes out January 13th via Relapse Records and is everything an old school death metal fan could dream of. Entering the..

Interview with Dave Carlo (Razor)

Life’s a bitch sometimes, and in the case of Razor’s leader Dave Carlo – much more often than usual. The Canadian trash/speed veterans’ guitar player has bravely and even stubbornly pushed the band forward through hard and harder times in the Eighties, before throwing the towel in the early nineties. Now, somehow miraculously, Razor’s ninth..

Razor – Cycle Of Contempt (Relapse Records)

The eternal underdogs of thrash and speed metal and one of the most unlucky bands on earth – that’s what Razor are. They are often cited as part of Canada’s “big five” of thrash/speed in the company of Annihilator, Sacrifice, Exciter and Anvil, but they are only rivalled by Sacrifice in the lack of luck..