PARASITE INC. release second single & music video

The German Melodic Death Metal band is ready to give it all again with the release of their second single and title track of the upcoming record Cyan Night Dreams. After the first, very hard-sounding harbinger of the album, PARASITE INC. present themselves with the second single Cyan Night Dreams in a completely new, unexpected sound garb. Already on the..

PARASITE INC. – announce new album and release artwork and tracklist

PARASITE INC. announce the release of their third studio album Cyan Night Dreams on August 19, 2022 via Reaper Entertainment. The most professional production of the German melo-deathers so far was also made possible this time by the support of the Initiative Musik within the framework of the Neustart-Kultur-Programm. The album release show of the Aalen-based band will be..