Tranzat – Ouh La La (Klonosphere records)

Please! - If there's one thing you view whilst musing over the pages of Velvet Thunder tonight, I urge you to watch the two zany videos appended to these brave words! This could just be the wackiest release of 2022! Ouh La La is the creation of four entertaining, loopy, thirty-somethings with a weird taste..

Playgrounded – The Death Of Death (Pelagic Records)

Greece has spawned countless instances of criminally underrated music acts in diverse genres ranging from black metal to electronic to avant garde pop music, and the sophomore album of modern progressive metal act Playgrounded titled The death of Death, now available from Pelagic Records, is yet another striking example. "Where did this come from?" you..

FULC – Embrace.Destroy (Re-release on Stunted Records)

This album was originally released by melodic heavy rockers FULC in 2005, to a considerable raft of critical acclaim. It's recently been re-released as part of a broader "revisiting exercise" by Stunted Records. Embrace.Destroy was FULC's second album, following hot on the heels of their much lauded debut Biting Insomnia, released in 2003. Sadly, shortly..

Toundra – Hex

Spanish post-rock outfit Toundra are releasing their eighth studio album, Hex, on January 14th, 2022. Like many bands all across the globe, 2020 forced a new and unexpected reality upon the Madrid natives, who found their touring plans cut short last year, and would begin shifting their focus towards recording new material under unusual circumstances...

Arctic Plateau – Songs of Shame (Shuna Records)

Emerging from an eight-year hiatus, songwriter Gianluca Divirgilio brings his darkest and most introspective thoughts to light with Arctic Plateau’s Songs of Shame. Arctic Plateau is an Italian post-rock and shoegaze one-man band formed by Gianluca in 2006, he went on record at that time to describe his music as "music explicitly dreamed". He released..

MONO announce new album Pilgrimage of the Soul

Japanese post-rockers MONO have revealed details on their 11th studio album, 'Pilgrimage of the Soul' which is set for release on 17th September (Pelagic Records). The album sees MONO once again working with longtime partner Steve Albini. Pilgrimage of the Soul is the 11th studio album in the 22-year career of Japanese experimental rock legends, MONO set for..

Year of No Light share new single ‘Alètheia’

NEW ALBUM 'CONSOLAMENTUM' RELEASED 2ND JULY (PELAGIC RECORDS)  YEAR OF NO LIGHT have revealed their latest single, 'Alètheia', described by the band as, 'a double movement of light and darkness before burning our memories on the altar of the void'. The track is taken from their new album "Consolamentum" set for release via Pelagic Records on 2nd July.Listen to Alètheia now..