Praying Mantis – Katharsis (Frontiers Music)

Some band names seem rooted in a specific time or place. I only have to hear mention of Praying Mantis and I'm immediately transported back to the heady days of NWOBHM when all of the bands seemed like nnights in shining armour as they re-introduced rock music back to the masses and gave lie to..

PRAYING MANTIS : ‘Katharsis’ – new album by veteran UK hard rockers out 28 January 2022 via Frontiers

Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the upcoming release of the new album by veteran UK hard rockers Praying Mantis. Katharsis is their 12th studio record and sees the quintet steadily progressing from the sonic signatures of their previous release, 2018's Gravity. Out on 28th January 2022, fans can get a first taste of the band's latest..

Praying Mantis – Keep It Alive (Frontiers Music)

The roots of Praying Mantis go back to the early '70s when the Troy brothers, Tino and Chris, put the band together but it was the burgeoning NWOBHM movement that saw them come to prominence with their first recordings and some high calibre tour slots. They have had a most interesting career since those early..