Constancia – Brave New World (Pride & Joy Music)

The Swedish hard but melodic rock band Constancia began life in 2007 with Brave New World being the third album to date and a superior and thoroughly enjoyable hard rock album it is too. It was put together by Mikael Rosengren formerly the keyboard player with the bands Scudiero and Token and he soon brought in..

Season Of Dreams – Heroes (Pride & Joy Music)

Season Of Dreams is a relatively new band that was formed by the French multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Jean-Michel Volz with the Swedish vocalist Johannes Nyberg and they released the debut album, My Shelter in 2020 so have followed it up very rapidly with the second release. Volz is the guitarist with the French heavy rock..

Angelwings – Primordium (Pride & Joy Music)

Angelwings initially formed in 2013 as a Nightwish covers band but shortly afterwards began writing their own material whilst still retaining that operatic/symphonic/Gothic flavour favoured by Nightwish and the many bands that have since followed their template. What does make Angelwings stand out is that they are from Gibraltar and, according to the publicity, are..

Nergard – Eternal White (Pride & Joy Music)

Nergard is a project that the Norwegian musician Andreas Nergård began in 2010 with the aim for it to be a studio based vehicle fronted by guest musicians from around the world. There have been two albums so far with Memorial For A Wish in 2013 and A Bit Closer To Heaven in 2015 which was..

Upper Lip – Deep Within (Pride & Joy Music)

And now for something a little different. Upper Lip is a sleaze/bump 'n' grind rock and roll band from the wonderfully named Gozo which is an island in the Maltese archipelago islands and also known as the land of the Megalithic Temples and a quick look on the internet shows what can only be described..

Stranger Vision – Poetica (Pride & Joy Music)

Stranger Vision is a new progressive metal band out of Italy which was formed in 2019 by the guitarist Riccardo Toni and vocalist Ivan Adami. They quickly brought in drummer Luca Giacopini, bass player Daniele Morini and Gabriele Sarti on keyboards to complete the team with Poetica being the band's sit up and take notice..