Social Disorder – Time To Rise (Pride & Joy Music)

Social Disorder is a project put together by the Swedish musician Anders La Rönnblom of Killer Bee, X-Romance and Wolfpakk renown with the debut album being 2021's Love 2 Be Hated which was a spectacular hard rock album that Rönnblom wrote as a warts and all, cathartic release of all the personal demons that had haunted him..

Nubian Rose – Amen (Pride & Joy Music)

Nubian Rose is a female fronted Swedish hard rock band with touches of symphonic metal that was formed in 2012 by the incredibly powerful and larger than life vocalist singer Sofia Lilja who doubles up on piano with Christer Akerlund on guitar, synths, bass and vocals with additional drums from Thomas Weinesjo and Michael Karlsson...

Autumn’s Child – Tellus Timeline (Pride & Joy Music)

Autumn's Child is a band that continues Sweden's fine tradition of producing quality melodic rock bands with Tellus Timeline being their fifth album since its formation in 2019. The catalyst for the band was the singer songwriter Mikael Erlandsson who combined his own solo career alongside being a member of Secret Service and the outstanding Last..

Arkado – Open Sea (Pride & Joy Music)

Open Sea is the second album by the Swedish melodic rock band Arkado following on from the debut Never Say Never which came out in 2020 on the AOR Heaven label and it's fair to say that the label may have changed but the band remains firmly rooted slap bang in the middle of the..

Lazarus Dream – Imaginary Life (Pride & Joy Music)

Imaginary Life is now the third album by the German hard/melodic rockers Lazarus Dream and I have had the pleasure of reviewing all of them so I make no apologies for lifting the following passage from an earlier review of the last album Lifeline as this effectively defines the sound and style of the band..

Notörious – Marching On (Pride & Joy Music)

Notörious is a glam/sleaze rock band from Bergen in Norway and was formed in 2018 with their 2020 debut Glamorized being a celebration of the '80s Sunset Strip themed rock of bands such as Mötley Crüe, Skid Row, Poison rather than the homelier (and in my opinion much better) British '70s version. I still have..

Silent Tiger – Twist Of Fate (Pride & Joy Music)

Silent Tiger is an '80s influenced AOR rock band which was formed in 2018 by the Honduran musicians Jean Funes and Joel Mejia and the American vocalist David Cagle with a joint love of melodic rock being the glue that binds them together. They released the debut album Ready For Attack in 2020 with Funes..

Freakstorm – Angel In The Dark (Pride & Joy Music)

Freakstorm is a German heavy melodic rock band formed in 2015 by the husband and wife duo of Sinah Meier and Olli Fuchs with Angel In The Dark being the band's second release following on from the 2021 debut Storm Inside My Heart. They have also released a couple of EPs and numerous singles (quite..

Zhiva – Into The Eye Of The Storm (Pride & Joy Music)

Zhiva is a female fronted hard rock band from Sweden and was initially formed in 2001 by the pairing of vocalist Anette Johansson and multi-instrumentalist Mats Edström. The band originally used the name Shiva with three albums being released up to the project closing in 2006 with the pair reuniting in 2016 but now with..

Vambo – II (Pride & Joy Music)

I imagine that in secret laboratories across the world teams of scientists are working to crack the enigma of time-travel but they could save themselves a great deal of time simply by buying either of the two Vambo albums and they will find themselves immediately back in the 1970s! Vambo is a British hard rock..