Sign X – Back To Eden (Pride & Joy Music)

Sign X is a German hard/melodic rock band that was formed out of the Hamburg band Châlice with 2019's debut, Like A Fire, immediately winning them many friends and marking them as a band to definitely keep in touch with their heavy yet super slick melodic metal approach. We now come to album number two..

Steve Dalton – Primitive (Pride & Joy Music)

Steve Dalton is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Sheffield but he has now relocated to Sölvesborg in Southern Sweden. He released a demo several years ago called Steel City which was most appropriate for the City of Steel on which he played everything with the man who gets everywhere, Alessandro Del Vecchio, supplying the vocals..

DeVicious – Black Heart (Pride & Joy Music)

DeVicious is a quality heavy melodic rock band from Germany with Black Heart now being the band's fourth album since its formation in 2016. They have steadily built up a solid reputation for quality melodic metal but, strangely, the first three albums all featured different singers but Black Heart now sees all of the musicians..

Re-Machined – Brain Dead (Pride & Joy Music)

Re-Machined released a real contender for hard rock album of the year with Wheels Of Time in 2020 which was just so supreme, confident and assured for a debut release. It is amazing just how many fine metal bands have come out of Germany these days and the number seems to be ever increasing. The..

Voodoma – Hellbound (Pride & Joy Music)

Another day brings another 'new' band that I was previously unaware of and it begs the question of just how many rock bands are there in the world? I have a very broad range in music so virtually all of these bands come as a new delight and I begrudge the years of my ignorance..

Rachel Mother Goose – Synra Bansho (Pride & Joy Music)

The rather curiously titled Rachel Mother Goose is a Japanese neoclassical band with large elements of power and symphonic rock incorporated into their glorious and all action style. A new name to me, the band was formed in 1999 by the band's guitarist Hideshi Ueki with Synra Bansho now being the bands sixth album to..