Weapon – New Clear Power (Pride & Joy Music)

The NWOBHM movement spawned a plethora of bands ranging from the essential to the interesting but never, ever was there a bad band and you have to remember that we rock fans were fed up of the airwaves being full of punk and disco so every new metal band was something to revel and delight..

Bad Baron – Ace Of Hearts (Pride & Joy Music)

Bad Baron is a new hard rock/sleaze band out of Finland with Ace Of Hearts being the debut album which delivers a tried and tested upbeat rock/sleaze crossover in a jaunty fashion but it has all been done before and much better by the giants of the sleaze genre but that is perhaps no real..

Dreamtide – Drama Dust Dream (Pride & Joy Music)

The German hard rock/heavy metal band Dreamtide was formed in Hannover in 2000 by the Fair Warning guitarist Helge Engelke and he brought in a talented team of musicians to bring the project to life with vocalist Olaf Senkbeil (ex-Jacks Hammer), drummer CC Behrens (Fair Warning/Silent Circle), keyboard player Torsten Luederwaldt and bassist Ole Hempelmann..

Fatal Vision – Once (Pride & Joy Music)

This 'new' album by the Canadian band Fatal Vision is something of a curiosity given that the group came together in the '80s when AOR/Melodic rock/hair metal was in its prime with bands like Journey, Asia, Foreigner and Europe ruling the airwaves. It was a love of all things AOR that brought together the similar..

Scar For Life – Sociophobia (Pride & Joy Music)

Scar For Life is a Portuguese hard rock formed in 2008 by the guitarist Alexandre Santos with Sociophobia being the group's 5th album. Santos is the only remaining original member and it appears that he has been more than happy to change personnel in search of the sound that he is looking for. The current..

Lazarus Dream – Lifeline (Pride & Joy Music)

Lazarus Dream is a hard rock band that is the product of a collaboration between the German musicians Markus Pfeffer and Carsten Schulz with Lifeline being the bands second album following on from Alive which came out in 2020. I mentioned in the review for Alive that the band delivered a superior hard rock similar..

Drive At Night – Echoes Of An Era (Pride & Joy Music)

Drive at Night is a new project put together in 2021 by the Swedish musicians Joachim Nordlund, the guitarist with Astral Doors, and Johan Lindstedt, the drummer with SunStroke. The two musicians have known each other for quite some time and it has long been their intention to put an album together built around 1980s..