Rachel Mother Goose – Synra Bansho (Pride & Joy Music)

The rather curiously titled Rachel Mother Goose is a Japanese neoclassical band with large elements of power and symphonic rock incorporated into their glorious and all action style. A new name to me, the band was formed in 1999 by the band's guitarist Hideshi Ueki with Synra Bansho now being the bands sixth album to..

Heart Line – Back In The Game (Pride & Joy Music)

This came as something of a surprise as melodic rock is not a genre I normally expect from French bands with Heart Line being a new and exciting team put together in 2020 with Back In The Game being a very suave and sophisticated debut release indeed. The band was formed by the French guitarist..

Kaasin – Fired Up (Pride & Joy Music)

Kaasin is a new band put together by the Norwegian guitarist Jo Henning Kaasin and some of you may know him for his work with Come Taste The band, a vehicle he shared with some pretty top notch musicians in Joe Lynn Turner, Glen Hughes, Doogie White and Bernie Marsden. The clue is in the..

Barnabas Sky – Inspirations (Pride & Joy Music)

Barnabas Sky is a new project put together by Markus Pfeffer the German guitarist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist probably best known for the bands Lazarus Dream and Winterland. It seems that Pfeffer has wanted to do this project for a while which is a rock album based around the singers and music that have been inspiration..

Dan Lucas – The Long Road (Pride & Joy Music)

Dan Lucas (Lutz Salzwedel) is a German vocalist who first came to fame in the German Democratic Republic or East Germany in the early '80s and, after escaping to the West, fronted several rock bands one of which being the heavy metal band Karo which led to touring with Meatloaf. It is amazing that for..

Intercore – Dreams For Sale (Pride & Joy Music)

Dreams For Sale is the debut release from Sweden's InterCore and it is a most enjoyable, easy listening and delightful melodic rock album. The band was put together in 2014 by the duo of Raimo Rommedahl, formerly of Cousin Bill and an exceptionally talented guitarist, songwriter and producer and singer and guitarist Jesper Mad, previously..

Saeko – Holy Are We Alone (Pride & Joy Music)

Saeko is the Japanese singer Saeko Kitamae who moved to Germany in 2003 to begin a career as a heavy rock vocalist and released two albums under the Saeko name with very able support from the likes of Lars Ratz and Michael Ehré (Metalium) and Sven Lüdke (Mob Rules). She achieved some success and no..