Neal Morse Band announce fourth studio album ‘Innocence & Danger’ for release this August

NMB are pleased to announce the release of their much-anticipated fourth studio album 'Innocence & Danger' on the 27th August 2021.  The Neal Morse Band (now NMB) was formed in 2012, featuring long-time collaborators Neal Morse (vocals, keyboards and guitars), Mike Portnoy (drums, vocals) and Randy George (bass), as well as Bill Hubauer (keyboards, vocals) and Eric..

Karmamoi – Room 101

Karamaoi have got to the dark heart of Orwell’s story and managed to communicate it back to us in a visceral way in this splendid hour of music. Rock artists often like to use a good literary tale to inspire their music and lyrics, and George’s Orwell’s classic novel of a dystopian future, 1984, has..

Sylvan – One To Zero (Gentle Art of Music / Soulfood)

Sylvan have surely produced one of the best progressive rock albums that have seen the light so far this year. In times of rapidly changing line-ups and rapidly evolving musical styles, Sylvan seem to be an exception. They have had a remarkably stable line-up with keyboard player Volker Söhl and drummer Matthias Harder being founding..

Ainur – War Of The Jewels (Rockshots Records)

The album rocks along admirably and represents an hour of entertaining progressive rock music. In the movie The Fanatic, John Travolta plays a stalker who, when accused by his hero of stalking him, exclaims indignantly ‘I'm Not A Stalker. I'm A Fan!’. That phrase came back to me when observing Ainur’s dedication to the fantasy..

Meer – Playing House (Karisma Records)

After 40 years of enjoying music of many different genres, it's very unusual for me to be entirely bowled over by a new band. Of course, a great deal of music being made today is still of the highest quality as this website demonstrates, but I am rarely stopped in my tracks these days. Rock..

DarWin - A Frozen War

DarWin – DarWin 2 – A Frozen War

This is a fine progressive rock album and its ecological message fits nicely with the times. DarWin (centre) with Bissonette (left) and Phillips (right) You may be thinking ‘Who is DarWin’? Having listened to this fascinating album I’m still thinking ‘Who is DarWin?’ myself. That is because in Banksy style, Mr DarWin prefers not to..

Arabs In Aspic – Madness And Magic (Karisma Records)

This wonderful album from Norwegian band Arabs In Aspic matches any British prog album that I’ve heard this year. ‘Maggie Thatcher, can you hear me? Maggie Thatcher – your boys took a hell of a beating!’. For those not familiar with the lows of the England football team (yes, I know there are many), that..