Jättedam – Onda Blommor (Gaphals / The Sign Records / Lovely Records)

For anyone familiar with the Swedish Prog movement of the ’60s/’70s, this album will feel both familiar and completely new. The songs have a distinctive feeling where  jam session- like soundscapes are balanced with exquisitely well-written melodies.....Onda Blommor is the third album by Swedish rock band Jättedam. Inspired by a wide variety of musical styles ranging..

Occult Rock Trio Sinoptik release psychedelic new song ‘Apple Tree’.

FFO Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd - Sinoptik's new album is coming 2021, stay tuned for further announcements! *******PSYCHEDELIC, POWERFUL, AND ENLIGHTENING - UKRAINE'S SINOPTIK SPARK REVELATIONS WITH NEW MUSIC VIDEO SINGLE 'APPLE TREE'Fusing together 1970's occult rock influences with huge stadium rock production - Ukranian Power Rock Trio Sinoptik are seeking enlightenment to relieve not..

Dune Sea – Moons of Uranus (All Good Clean Records)

Dune Sea started out as a 2012 solo project for Ole Nogva, a Trondheim-based guitarist/keys player, vocalist and all-round sonic warrior, described then on Facebook as "a true Norwegian post-ironic space stoner". Later in 2017, drummer Erik Bråten joined him for the first Dune Sea recording, the All Quiet Under The Suns EP. This enjoyed..

Ukrainian Occult Rock Trio Sinoptik seek enlightenment in video single ‘Black Soul Man’. [Independent]

Sinoptik's new album coming 2021 - stay tuned for further announcements. FFO: Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix WHAT THE MEDIA SAY  "This is your best bet... well-produced, & I can't help but think "Jimi Hendrix Experience", but with a 21st Century DYNAMO vibe." Dick Metcalf, Editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews "Sounds a bit like the Chemical Brothers..