Resurrection Kings – Skygazer (Frontiers Music)

Is it really five years since The Resurrection Kings released their incredible eponymous debut album, a real heavy metal extravaganza that was a pure delight? Initially seen as a project but, thankfully, we now have the band's second release which seamlessly picks up where the debut finished and it is almost as if time has..

RESURRECTION KINGS : ‘Skygazer’ – new album by hard rock supergroup out 16 July 2021 via Frontiers

Comprising the core trio of Craig Goldy (guitars), Chas West (vocals) and Vinny Appice (drums), Resurrection Kings announce their return with the upcoming release of a second album. Skygazer follows 2016's self-titled debut and picks up where that record left off, offering a magnificent set of riff-heavy songs resplendent  with catchy hooks and melodies. States..